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Top 5 WTF Moments (Part 2)

Before we hop into the Top 2 moments I'll share a quick tint story that's probably one of my most awkward client reaction. Like hair dye, tint looks quite dark as it's developing then once removed looks normal with a bit of a skin stain. If we go too light it won't last long so we try to mentally prepare our clients on what to expect.

I had this lovely little dear book in to get her brows tinted and face waxed. I got her settled onto the table and applied the tint. I chose graphite as this tints grey hairs a deeper grey colour however like most tints when it develops it looks almost black. I got on with waxing her face, then passed the mirror so she could check to see if I had got all of her fuzzy patches. I always warn the client that their brows will look full on while tinting so please ignore this.

Straight away her eyes darted to the brows and she FREAKED OUT.

“How could you? I trusted you!” She yelled.

Taken aback, Shes shrieking to get it off, I tried to explain to her that’s how they look when they are developing, then for the life of me, I could not find the flush bowl to clean it off. She was silent. I was fumbling around as she was shrieking to get it off. I finally found it (I think it was right in front of me but I was panicking)

I cleaned off the tint then nervously handed her the mirror, to my surprise she inspects then said “ Oh that looks nice” and happily hopped off the table.

I couldn’t believe it, one extreme to the next!

WTF Moment 2: The Throuple

One day a client that was booked for a spray tan messaged to see if her friend could also get one at the same time. They were my last clients for the day so that was fine by me.

I was working in a studio under my house at the time and could hear a noise outside so went out to check and found a man pissing in my backyard. I was confused, as he wasn't her husband then she pops around the corner with her friend and they proceed to start getting undressed for their tans. Meanwhile, this guy wanders on in and plops himself down watching me work.

It turns out they had all been out drinking, then decided to come along to get tanned.  I'm pretty sure all 3 were in some type of relationship/ marriage but not with each other if you catch my drift. I had inadvertently become part of some type of flirty tan show!

The guy was having a marvellous time and I'm freaking out trying to get them sprayed and out the flippin door before he stepped his little party up a notch!

My client continued to come along for treatments (solo) for many years and we never mentioned it again 😅

This moment has to take the cake of WTF moments, but before I begin  I think we need a disclaimer.

Part of my job as a beauty therapist is to remove hair, I consider myself to be a professional and to be treated as one. I was astounded at the reaction from some people almost victim-blaming, it was pretty disheartening. If you are in this industry I encourage you to keep your boundaries and guard up, always.

The following matter was reported to the police.

WTF Moment 1: Clean yourself up

At one point in my career, I found a niche for male Brazilians.  It's not something I particularly wanted to do but also figured it was not much different to the other work that I was currently doing.  Most of my male clients are super grateful, lovely, and respectful...until this bozo.

He had booked in for Brazilians and spray tans before. He also had the odd erection during the treatments which doesn't happen often. Usually, once the first strips come off they disappear.

For clarification, we don't touch the peen- the client has to maneuver it themselves.

The treatment started as usual, I chat away and get on with waxing. Slowly this sucker starts to rise, so I did my best to work around it. The session felt uncomfortable and in hindsight, I should have just ended it there but my brain just goes into overdrive, trying to focus on getting it done and get him out of there.

I turned around to get another dip of wax, when I turn back he was lying there with JIZZ on his stomach. I'm in complete shock and throw the wipes at him telling him to clean himself up. He's saying sorry and that he couldn't help it.


I'm such a slow burner, I sometimes wish I was more reactive but my kid was in the other room and I didn't want some half-naked guy running out of the salon.

So I flipping finished waxing the last little bits off him in silence like a fucking trooper, thank goodness I was near the end anyway.

When he walked out, my daughter was there and he walked past then said “Your mum is so cool“

YUUUUCK that pissed me off. He paid and left.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the things I could have or should have done:

  • Stopped the session straight away when he started to tee off

  • Tip the wax pot on him

  • Throw his shit out on the footpath and make him walk out naked

  • Charge him like a wounded bull for a laundering fee

I also think it's easy for people to pass comments or judgements until they are in this situation. We are trained not to react to bodies, farts, queffs, smells etc.

What I did:

  • Finished the session professionally,  went home and cried.

  • Filed a report with the police a few days later.

So after that men's Brazilian’s were removed from our service list and I lived happily ever after.

Trish Tucker


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