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Top 5 WTF Moments (Part 1)

After being in this industry for so long I forget how many seriously whack situations I have found myself in. So I thought I would compile a list of the top 5 What the F moments.

A few of these situations happened when I had my salon at home. One bonus of moving my business into a commercial premise is that it did reduce the risk of some of these weird moments manifesting!

WTF Moment 5: Predator

When working from home I was very cautious of who I took on, particularly male clients. I had a client message to book a massage in, he sounded friendly and met my screening questions so I tentatively booked him in. He came for the massage and was relatively polite but kept asking questions about my relationship status(taken). He kept passing comments about how he thought open relationships are great, and traditional relationships were overrated. Red flags went up so I did my best to discourage talking through the rest of the session. After the session had finished and he left, he called me around 10mins later saying how beautiful I was and how he had enjoyed the massage. Creeped out, I felt like I had to keep checking my property for days after and was so annoyed I let this slippery bugger in.

Coincidentally, my friend had an adult toy shop at that time. During one of our catch-ups, she mentioned how a man had messaged her asking if he could come (and do things to her at her shop). Something she said struck me that he sounded like my massage client, So I searched his number and sure enough, it was him.

This guy was a total predator who was feeling out what he could get away with and lucky for both of us we had kept our professionalism and guards up. We had both dodged a bullet, when he messaged again to try to book another massage the answer was a firm NO.

It feels like all my weird stories start with a guy and a massage, so you can see why I no longer offer it as a service 😆

WTF Moment 4: Feeling a bit “off”

One day one of my lovely regular clients showed up to her appointment looking decidedly grey. Not pale, grey. I asked if she was feeling well and she mentioned that she did feel off and would shoot up to the doctor after her appointment.

We got stuck into the treatment at the end she hadn’t improved so I suggested she go straight to the hospital for a check-up.

At her next treatment a few weeks later, she came in looking much fresher and full of colour. It turned out she was having heart issues and needed surgery almost immediately once she got to the hospital!

Being self-employed, late cancellations are annoying but I would never expect a client to prioritise their waxing appointment over their health.

I was so shocked that

A) She had made it and nothing worse happened and

B) Annoyed at me for not trusting my gut instinct!

I guess in these situations, you expect the client to call earlier and say they aren’t feeling that great. What an absolute trooper, I expect that level of commitment from all of my clients now!

WTF Moment 3: The Nurse

Next up is the nurse whom I had also worked with at the hospital, book a massage with me. This was early on in my career when I was also working as a healthcare assistant.

He arrived, I showed him to the room and explained to undress to his jocks and then lie on the table covering himself with the towel.

When I knocked and entered the room, he was standing beside the bed in what I can only describe as a pose(?). Taken aback, I asked him to lie down on the table and then got on with the massage.  When I would move around the table he would stick his hand out so it would brush my leg then kept moaning when I would massage him. He then asked if I do “front“, I only do the pec muscles which is pretty uncomfortable… So I got stuck in purposely being firm. He was biting his lip moaning being a complete weirdo. I finished up the session and was thankfully working with my mum at the time, so had her waiting outside when he exited the room. I introduced him to her which made him SO flustered, he paid and scuttled off.

At my next hospital shift, he approached me begging me not to mention our session to anyone (which I wouldn't because of client confidentiality)

I will do a part 2 next week with the top 2 WTF moments, but let's finish with some quick-fire funny ones!

The couple that used to come in and watch each other get waxed.

The lady who wanted a braz but didn't want any powder, or setting spray then complained I didn't do long strips on her braz like her other waxing place...

Waxing my client who was bitching about her ex’s new partner, then waxing the new partner…

Anyone that farts when we wax the ah-nuss.

Stay tuned for the top 2 coming up next week!

Trish Tucker


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