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FIT FOMO, it's a thing!

Disclaimer Alert:

This post is written exactly as I speak, so please don't be offended by examples or poor choices of language!

Alright so we've been doing this fitness thing for a few years and over the course of that time we have experienced first hand ourselves and with our clients "Fitness FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out)

There can be a number of reasons why you're having it: holiday, injury, work/ family commitments the list goes on. It usually starts with logging on to social media and up pops a notification about "Fit Aimee" climbing another mountain and that chick who started 5 minutes ago cruising ahead of you in the Deadlift Department, We can't help but have a salty taste of envy as others manage to achieve their goals and potentially, maybe.. you haven't.

So there it is, FOMO is sitting beside you having a little dig and in your head you choose one of the following options:

*Eat shit food, because stuff it Fit Aimee lives on veg & thin air and you can smash a whole cake and not feel guilty...(until later)

*You leave the group & studio completely then check out of life- "Don't need that kind of positive negative fitspo shit ruining my life thanks!" Now I've got more time to do what I want now anyway...Netflix and chiiillllll... till November then freak out and re-join. Deal with that later... nom nom

*You turn up to class all embarrassed with 50 different excuses up your sleeve until the class starts and you hear the other girls talking about their hustle/ juggle and realize no one actually gives a shit, they all have their own crap their trying to fit in around L I F E.

Whatever the reason is that you are feeling crappy, usually the worst person contributing is Y O U. What we have found helps cure this, is feeling like you are a part of something, having that accountability and being around Like-Minded people in a good way, the kick up the ass kind of way!

So where do you start?

Let's tackle your mindset.


Ok Piss Off, enjoy your holiday and get your ass back into when you get back. Next.


Are you down and out, completely out of the game or have you just had a minor set back? Sometimes our goals shift and we just have to roll with it and tweak it OR choose something else. The choosing something else sucks. Swallow that pill and try again later if you can.

Even top Athletes have to change their training schedules and adjust because of injuries. Change up your training, always gone to that Strength class? Ask the trainer for alternative movements or try a different styled class- you might learn something new!

Work & Family Commitments:

This is a big one and we soooo get it, but hey there's millions of people in the world with jobs and kids, still managing to fit it all in. Can you re-jig your timetable to make things work? Explain to your family or work that fitness is an important part of your life- physically & mentally. Most workplaces are getting pretty good with the whole active, healthy balanced lifestyle- it helps motivation, work ethic and keep you healthy which is only a bonus for them!

Family-wise- Your love ones will usually love to see you achieving your goals, feeling good about yourself and being healthy, try not write them off too soon.


We know this can be a big road block for a lot of people, how will I find the time, I don't have the support, my kids, my job...

Here's a wee suggestion, you don't have to do it! Try making an excuse to DO exercise.

See what happens, see what suddenly becomes manageable. Even squeezing half a class will make you feel better and the trainers really don't care, we just want to see you getting results!

It's not easy to create balance in your life, when adding one thing in some things will surely slide backwards a bit- Nobody is perfect however, Your happiness and well being is important. We only get one life, we want to live it as fully as we can not just in the here & now but gracefully when we age.

Our top tips for tackling Fit FOMO are:

* Set new goals * Get accountability (Friends, colleagues, Fitness Challenges, Personal Trainer)

* Track your progress (Photos, Fit Bit, Map my Run, Fitness Diary, Share that shit)

* Commit to something for a certain period or event (This gives you direction and has an end point)

* Reach out- if you're struggling reach out, sometimes we just need acknowledgement that life can be a tough bastard and we just have to persevere

* Celebrate your WINS!

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