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Let's talk Microneedling!

With all of the different skin treatments available on the market, it's easy to get confused about what each treatment is and if it is suitable for your skin.

Microneedling is a collagen induction treatment used to help stimulate Collagen production through micro puncture wounds in the skin from the fine needles, this fibroblast process helps induce the skin to produce Collagen and restore Elastin without damaging the Epidermis. Because the epidermis stays intact this means quicker healing and less downtime compared to other ablative treatments.

Sounds a bit scary right? But trust us it's actually not!

Described as a "lunchtime treatment" this treatment can be performed in as quickly as 45mins and the benefits of this treatment are skin rejuvenation, collagen induction therapy, reduction in pore size, acne scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks!

After a consultation we will book your treatment and discuss your problem areas and desired outcome.

Ana Below, Left pic is before Microneedling, Right is one week post (with Henna brows added)

Ok so what does it feel like during the treatment?

Before we get started we cleanse using one of our Sabore Organic Prescription Cleansers to remove makeup, moisturisers, sunscreen etc and use a Papaya enzyme exfoliate then prep your skin. The pen itself can vary from 12 needles in a disposable head to 36 or more and has variable depths & speeds, pushing the needles in and out of the pen to quickly create micro puncture wounds into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is used as a lubricant (which is naturally found in your skin and is incredibly hydrating) other serums and additives can be used depending on your desired result.

We describe the sensation as scratchy/ prickly and the therapist will usually do a "first pass" at a lower setting ie: .75mm and may target certain problem areas for you then they will you the option to have a "second pass" at a higher depth 1mm or 1.25-1.5mm, This entire process may only be a few minutes.

The depth can be built up over a number of treatments and legally in New Zealand the therapist can only have the needle length to 1.5mm.

This is not necessarily "the goal", the aim is to trigger your body into repairing itself better- not tearing up your beautiful skin!

There is an option to have numbing cream, this can slow your results though as numbing cream constricts your blood vessels and we are trying to trigger a wound healing response which relies on blood flow.

Am I a mess after?

Post treatment we include a 15min Red LED light treatment therapy to help energise the ATP in your cells and improve wound healing.

You may have some specks of blood which can be carefully wiped away with a clean disposable cotton pad. Your skin will be feeling hot and flushed, similar to a moderate sunburn, This should greatly diminish within 24hrs.

You will be given Hyaluronic Acid to take home and apply post treatment which will help your skin feel hydrated and refreshed, our customers usually comment that their skin feels tighter and plumper.

It is important to avoid sun exposure for 72 hours to reduce risk of a Sunburn on a "wound" and pigmentation. This treatment is recommended during the Autumn/ Winter months when your skin can recover from summer, reduced UV exposure and rejuvenate your skin.

Will I notice a difference straight away?

For best results 3 treatments are recommended 4-6 weeks apart, you should be able to see a difference in your skin at least 6 weeks post treatment.

We also recommend an Enzyme Peel 10-14days post treatment to assist with cellular turnover and regular (ideally weekly) LED mask treatments are also recommended to assist with healing and collagen stimulation.

Is this suitable for my skin?

Micro-Needling is suitable for most skin types as it is a very superficial treatment, There are a list of contraindications that will be covered in the consultation:

But usually include:

Keloid Scarring

History of eczema


History of Herpes Simplex/ cold sore infections

Presence of raised moles, warts on area to be treated

Scleroderma/ collagen vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalties

Blood clotting disorder or active bacteria or fungal infection

Omegas/ fish oils, NSAIDS, aspirin/ disprin eytc must be stopped 2 weeks prior to treatment

Blood thinners (warfarin/ clopidogrel)

What should I do for the BEST results?

The following regime is recommended for optimal results following the course of Micro-Needling treatments and maintenance:

Day 1-2: Sabore Hyaluronic acid is used during treatment and client is to apply hyaluronic acid only for 24-48hrs following treatment reapplying several times to ensure skin is adequately hydrated.

Day 3:- Cleanse morning and night with Sabore Organic Cleansing Oil rrp $45 (hydrating, nourishing and anti microbial) Commence Cellular Renewal serum rrp$95 (stem cells, growth factors, peptides encourage collagen synthesis) also continue applying hyaluronic acid to hydrate throughout the day.

In the evening apply Celular Renewal Serum then Overnight renewal treatment rrp$45, continue this regime for 1 week.

From One week commence prescribed maintenance skincare regime suited to skin type.

Avoid the use of photosynthesizing actives, skincare containing AHA's, retinoids or cosmetics that contain mineral oils, vaseline, lanoline, petroleum or acids.

Avoid steam bath's, saunas after first day of treatment.

Avoid makeup same day of treatment & 48hrs after.

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