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How to make YOU a priority

I hear you sister and I am telling you "I get it!!" There are days when I am applauding myself for inhaling breakfast or managing matching socks, life is busy and it is so easy to get swamped under the workload and leave You last. But if we plan on living a long life and achieving some of those tiddly New Years resolutions we made, then we had better start taking a look at ourselves!

I think only "Organized" people would suggest this but try it on, Be organized. What? You mean amongst all the other chaos, you expect me to be organized as well, for what?!

BE ORGANIZED FOR YOU! You know YOU better than anyone else, the good bits and the bad. You don't have to declare your bad habits to the world but it wouldn't be such a bad thing to face the music, be at one with yourself then organize a better way.

What am I getting at? If you know that first thing in the morning is the only time you will ever attempt exercise then the night before is the best time to pack a little bag and have everything you need. Turn it into a little ritual where you enjoy putting in a fresh towel, your best active wear and your favorite runners. Pop your drink bottle in the fridge so it's nice and cool for the morning, all of that should only take a few minutes but mentally you have already set the ball rolling of what is going to happen tomorrow.

What makes you happy? This can be quite a tricky one and may require a sit down and stare into the sunset time. What makes you tick? What gets the heart pumping, butterflies in your stomach, excited dreams or whatever. Personally, I find friendships make me happy. I love exercising, I love my work and workplace, I'm lucky enough to have created a place that is a true reflection of me and my personality but it's the connections I've made and the people that get me excited to get up and shake my booty.

Back to my original point though, when you find what makes you truly happy make sure you find a way to have it incorporated into your day or at least a few times a week, month ..or year depending on your happiness style, time and budget. (For yearly happiness goals I am assuming that you must be into something a little outrageous like Sky diving or climbing Mt Everest)

Nourish yourself. This can sound a bit weird but hang in there, nourishing yourself can mean so many different things and depending on your circumstances some may be more relevant than others.

*Spiritually- We'll get this out of the way first, you don't have to be a religious person to have spirit. Many people feel nourished via listening to music, being in nature, religious practices, tattoos, sex, reading, talking with friends/ family, or simply downtime. If you are planning on making You a priority then you may want to spend some time connecting with yourself and figure out what it going on in that noggin of yours! It will be the big maker or breaker for if you can follow through in anything that you plan on doing.

*Food- This one is a bit obvious isn't it! Yet we (and I) still get it wrong. I have spent a bit of time reading some of Dr Libby's books and I have to admit she raises a valid point, it seems a bit ridiculous that we can actually let a coffee cup rule our day or life. Same for our other food choices and the stories that go along with it, we need to change our attitude and mental chatter that goes with food. If it seems like such a big deal just start slowly, introduce some new fruit or veges, try a new dish and get excited about it. When you go to pop something in your mouth, take a second to think a) Are you actually hungry (or just bored) b) whether you think it is nourishing you or adding more burden to you. I love treats, there is no judgement here, but treats should be limited..

I highly recommend reading Exhausted to Energized and rushing Woman's Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver.

*Body- Because this is a fitness and beauty business I'm going to come at this from "our perspective". Our motto is: "Look extraordinary. Feel fierce." Nourishing your body can be taking care of it via

*Movement- explore your body, see what it can do! Make it healthy, strong and flexible, for now and for a long strong future.

*Therapies- Exploring your body can take it's toll so be sure to keep it in tip top shape via massage, osteo, cranial, floats, yoga ..

*Self care- this may be a new concept but it's something that most of my clients agree with, our old motto and something I still reel off is " Hairless and Carefree" and how true is that? Grooming your body can be one of the most liberating things for a woman, you feel cleaner, tidier and like you have your sh*t together! (pardon my language)

So lets wrap this up, How do you make YOU a priority? Start with your head and your mental chatter, log in and see what light's your screen up, also check what drains your battery. Get organized and see where you can sprinkle some soul nourishing unicorn glittery happiness farts in, nourish your body with delicious healthy food, nourish your body with glorious movement that makes you remember what a joy it is to be able to breathe and be breathless, nourish your body by tearing strips off yo ass then spray tan it brown!

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