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Time to find out what you WANT!

I know that social media has a tendency to only show what you are interested in, so that's probably why my newsfeed is plugged with exercise related videos and articles. It can almost be overwhelming the amount of information out there that is kind of thrown in your face on a daily basis. So you would have to be living under a rock to not know some benefits of exercise and why it good for you. If you are struggling I'll quickly rattle off a few:

*Improves cardiovascular health (it makes your heart stronger, more effective at it's job and improves circulation

*Increases strength (strength of bones- good to have when your older, stronger muscles- good for posture, and being able to keep up with your young ones etc)

*Boost's immune system

*Increases your endorphins, those good feels after a nice sweat sesh

*Decreased body fat is also a bonus

Exercise is more fun when we share the experience with other people!

So we know WHY we should exercise. We know we feel better when we do but the big thing a lot of us struggle with is "I know it is good for me but I DON'T like doing it!"

Everyone has those days where life is just a struggle, and pretty much the entire universe sets you up to stay in that zone whether it's spilling your morning cup of coffee, pouring down rain and soggy running shoes or the kids decide to play up all night then haul ass all morning. We all have those days so the key to dragging yourself out of that is making your exercise ritual exactly that. A ritual, something you look forward to and enjoy, something that gives you energy and lifts you up. It's time to choose something that resonates with you, makes your heart flutter or gets you amping to hit the gym.

After observing a lot of our amazing fitness girls we have noticed how a lot of them thrive on our fitness challenges or during a particular type of workout, but once that is over there can be a few that "fall off the wagon". Their WANT or Why is over.

This year I want us all to choose our Why. It doesn't have to be complicated and I'm also aware that for some throwing weights around for an hour isn't appealing nor is boxing, but then they probably wouldn't be with us if they didn't like it :)

Some of us thrive off being challenged so pick a goal and go for it, big or small. Then after you have completed that quickly choose another one!

Make the most of having a healthy body!

-See where you can take it!

-See what you can achieve with it!

-What can you teach it to do?

Why? Why not!

If your struggling to figure out what you want or lacking confidence there are some amazing supportive fitness groups out there. We have our own small Raor Squad group for Raor Fitness Members which has regular challenges and accountability posts if that's what your looking for. Most importantly, Make YOU be the WHY.

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