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This is a big topic with plenty of resources on the internet, with different takes on how to manage your mindset. James Smith shared an informative video about women and training, How our physiology literally changes from week to week depending on hormonally/ where we are at in our cycle. This has a massive impact on our mindset, but the biggest expert on who knows you is YOU!👉

You know what helps you eat, sleep, gain weight, lose weight, poop, smile, cry, get angry, get up, lie down..etc

Tips! 🌱If you are starting some new changes to your lifestyle start with just a few and start keeping track of how you are feeling. Too much change at once can cause over whelm.

🌱Plan ahead! Got a busy week coming up? Prepare yourself by having a plan whether its gym bag packed by the door, healthy meals made ahead, suss what classes work in best with your schedule. GET A SCHEDULE OR DIARY!

🌱What helps ease your stress and gets you focused? Do.That. Everyday. Write lists, have a vision board, daily meditation, journalling, stretching, walking, punching stuff, quiet time, jamming time, mantras etc. Find something that gives you the space to acknowledge your headspace, it only has to be something little - don't turn this into "another thing".

🌱Headspace. This one is big for me and it's a tricky one. When we are in a shit headspace we are like energy vampires that suck everyone in. It's sooo hard to shake off and there literally has to be an explosion for it to release. Some people use crystals, or visualize light surrounding them to avoid it, some people like me try to avoid those people like the plague 🤣

From an exercise perspective, we know that exercise releases endorphins which will help raise your spirits, the biggest demon you will face is JUST GETTING HERE. It's not often you will come across someone who says they regretted doing a workout.

If you're angry- try to vent using Boxing/ cardio as a way to burn that negative energy out.

Doubtful/ Unsure/ Scared of hurting yourself- The worst thing I can imagine is death, death or seriously munting yourself up. If you had a look at statistics literally no one DIES at the gym, your more likely to die from reasons NOT going.

Seriously injuring yourself- refer back to the expert of you, YOU. When working out, particularly when you start out- you should be working at a discomfort or stress level of around 6. If you feel like you are over doing it by lifting too heavy, heart rate too high, feeling spewy, form not quite right, you need to take responsibility for yourself and STOP, then Speak up. In a group class situation, the trainer is selecting exercises suited to the majority, so unless you are having a PT they may not know about your niggle from Monday or may have forgotten about old injuries.

This is no excuse for you to not workout or dig deep and do it anyway, there are hundreds of different exercises that you can do instead, but first you must let the trainer know.

(side note: You also don't need to be Needy Nancy, or "I can't" Candy- Have a base list of exercises you can always revert to so you can self manage when in a group fitness situation)

Intimidated- Everyone is there to better themselves, and no one gives a shit about what you are doing or not doing. That sounds blunt but there's no point skirting around the fact that when you walk in to a group fitness class- every single person has taken time out of their day to pay a membership, pack their gym gear, drive/ walk there and sweat their ass off for an hour to benefit themselves.

This isn't school, there's no pointing and laughing at the slow one. If anything, the bigger and slower you are the more love and encouragement you will get from the Squad. The fit ones get all the pressure to do extra.

Lap it up, get in here.

🌱Raor Squad Love: We are a Squad. Old or new, we welcome everyone with love, acceptance and respect. It doesn't matter to us where you are at in your fitness journey, we have got your back, the only thing we ask is that you share the same values as us. It's Ok to have shit days but please do your best to share all your best tips, wins and love. This group is here to motivate everyone so lets share the awesome things you get up to inspire the Squad and build each other up to reach our goals together with noone left behind x

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