New Year, New Goals!

Change starts from within, so we have put together an awesome 6 week programme to get you motivated and feeling your best this summer!

If you struggle to achieve your goals whether it is fitness, weight or staying consistent, we are here to help give you the tools to set you up for your best year yet.


Our program includes:

* Nutrition- what you should eat while training, understanding calories & fat loss, food challenges

*Mindset- Tips on how to set realistic goals, understanding why you set up to fail, designing a lifestyle that you actually want to live

*Wellness- Being healthy isn't all about eating lettuce & sweating it out every day, your lifestyle should incorporate time for your body to recover- stretching, skin care, managing stress.

Meanwhile, you will also be attending three Raor Fitness sessions per week to build that cardiovascular health, build strength & toned muscles and our lovely Raor Beauty team will be ready with our spray guns to give you the perfect summer glow! 


One of the best ways to get motivated and stay focused is through group fitness, added accountability and the positive atmosphere builds your confidence and keeps you on track when you are facing any doubts. 

What to expect? 

To keep your training fun and varied by mixing up your sessions each week.

We recommend:

2 x Invigorate or HIIT Sessions and 

1x Strength session per week

You can choose any 3 sessions off our timetable each week (days/ times can vary)

Our sessions are 45mins long and relatively fast-paced so you can come in- build up a sweat and get on with your day!

Complete beginner?

This challenge has been designed for everyone, any age  & fitness level. We know how intimidating it is just to get started, all of our sessions are scaled so no matter where you are at on your journey we can lighten your load or increase/ decrease your reps so you aren't left behind!

"The key to success in 2021 is to surround yourself with other like minded, motivated women that inspire you to be the BEST version of yourself."


What's Included?

*Choose 3x Raor Fitness sessions per week for 6 weeks ($225)

*1x Moroccan Spray Tan to give you a lovely glow ($40)

*Support in our private online Group

What do I need? 

*Bring your own boxing gloves


*Drink Bottle

*Active wear

*And a CAN DO attitude hahaha!


Fitness & Support for 6 weeks

Only $249 Up front - Genopay available

$100 For Raor Members

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Location: Raor Beauty & Fitness Studio

426 Kamo Rd, Kamo

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