Pricing & Memberships

Casual $15

Not ready to commit to a concession card? Come try a class for $15, we guarantee you will get your money's worth.

Concession Card $50

Treat yourself to a 5 click Raor Fitness concession card to use at any class, valid for 6 weeks.

The Ultimate Raor Squad Membership ($25 Per week)

The Ultimate Raor Squad Members will set you up for a Year of AWESOME. Get set to utilize ALL of our amazing classes, as many times per week as you like! Maybe you need that extra push? Make use of the $20 half hour Personal Train per month with Meg and have the support of your Squad with our online FB support group! Being the VIP that you are, you will also receive 15% off all beauty treatments at Raor Beauty! " to Look extRAORdinary. Feel fierce." 

Nitty Gritty: Joining fee is $70 and provides you with a joining pack containing hand wraps & hand towel. Entry into our Online FB support group and priority with coaching. PT's cannot be gifted on and must be pre booked, Late cancellation will incur a fee of $20. Membership payments must be paid week ahead and weekly ($25) or monthly ($100), contract is for 1 year, cancellation will incur a fee for remainder of term owing.

Raor Mama ($19 per week)

Set your Year right with our Raor Mama 12 Month Membership! You will have the flexibility to come along to Two 9am sessions per week,pop the babies in our kiddy area and enjoy our small supportive group sessions, focused on building your confidence, core strength and fitness. Hang out and meet like minded women who have jiggly bits, sweaty bits and struggle with Mama juggle, we are here to support you on your journey gal!

Nitty Gritty: Joining fee is $70. Membership payments must be paid week ahead and weekly $19 , cancellation will incur a fee for the remainder of the term owing.

This membership is capped at 3 classes max per week (7 day period), additional classes can be purchased either as a casual or Concession Card.

Student Squad Membership ($14.50 per week)

Wanting to keep fit in and out of the sports seasons? Or do you just love coming along here and smashing the pads and weights? Take advantage of our Student Squad Membership!

Come along to any of our Standard Membership classes (including the teen boxing on Friday at 4pm) Enjoy 10% off Raor Beauty Treatments and Ball Packages. We have got you covered!

$14.50 per week fixed for 6 months- Breakage fee of balance of the term of contract if membership is cancelled. Student ID must be presented. Ages 13-17.

Personal Training

New to Fitness? We highly recommend booking a personal train in with Meg or take advantage of our 14 Day Trial which includes a 30 min assessment so we have you sorted from the start!


Can't make a class?  Want to get a little extra on the side? Book in for a fast paced half hour or full hour with Meg, Boxing, weights and cardio, this is what will fast track you to your fitness goals! 

1hr $50

30mins $30

Train with a friend $40ea (1hr) save $10ea

Community Group Train (8 or more ppl) $8ea *save $7pp

Corporate Group Train (8 or more ppl) $10ea *save $5pp

Book your FREE consultation with Meg today by contacting us below or call us 09) 9464314

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Did you know?

We do Community 

Group Personal Trains for only

$8pp min of 8 people 

Corporate Options

available too!

Group Training sessions from $10 pp

minimum of 6 people

T's & C's

Applicant agrees to pay membership payments a week ahead, any missed payments will incur a late penalty fee of $21.90 and any fees obtained to recover these funds will be reimbursed by said individual above. Late payment and payment with insufficient funds violate this contract.  Raor Fitness Studio may change membership fees under this Agreement by contacting member or posting notice of such change in the Studio at least 30 days in advance of such change.


*30 days written notice must be given to cancel membership, Member is still liable to pay out remainder of contract or find another Person to carry out rest of term.

*Member agrees to abide by rules and regulations of facility. It is further agreed that all exercises including the use of weights, number of repetitions, and use of any machinery, equipment, and apparatus designed for exercising including the use of the studio's premises and facilities shall be at the Member's sole risk.  Notwithstanding any consultation on exercise programs which may be provided by Raor Fitness Studio’s employees or agents, it is hereby understood that the selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be Member's entire responsibility.

*Raor Fitness Studio shall not be held liable to Member or Member's family for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions arising due to member participating in group or one to one trainings.

It is hereby understood that the Raor Fitness Studio is not responsible in any way for damage to or loss of any personal property which Member brings onto the premises or onto the Studio's parking area, including but not limited to, losses due to theft, damage, or car accident.