Raor Mama

2 Sessions per week only $19 

Hey Mama! Are you looking for a safe space to bring your babies and get a great workout?

You want a good vibe tribe to have a laugh with while getting your sweat on? 

We have the perfect space set up for you, a fenced kiddies area with a variety of toys to keep them entertained while you get to immerse yourself in our amazing small group fitness sessions.

New to fitness? NO worries 

We highly recommend varying your training and try at least one of each sessions.

BoxFit is the perfect Beginner's session learning technique and Body weight combinations, while keeping the heart rate up.

Our Strength sessions will teach you correct technique as well as building foundation strength, burning fat - increasing muscle and competing against yourself in a supportive environment.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a little more advanced cardio work but will fast track your fitness levels incorporating body weight and light weights to build tone.

Trying something new can be intimidating, especially jumping feet first into Group Fitness. We view ourselves as a "Squad" who welcome anyone who is willing to work hard at bettering themselves, achieving goals or just quietly tuning up and having a great workout!

This is the glue that will make you feel like you are a part of something, giving you accountability and support when you need it.

Are you a value type person?

2 sessions would usually cost $30

But you will get all of this for only $19 per week!

Keen? Hit the button below to start your amazing journey