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Our goal is to inspire our clients to live well and have an extraordinary life! Many of us have the desire to improve our wellness and balance but aren't sure where to start. This is where our team steps in and will guide you through 7 weeks of themed wellness activities. This is designed to inspire, simplify and motivate you (Not push you further into a state of overwhelm).

What do I expect

*We can't measure improvement without a fitness test! Try not to overthink this part, you are only competing against yourself. The fitness test is a tool we can use to measure your progress, we will only share the results with you AND we can cater to your level or pre-existing injuries. We will kick off with 3 different types of bodyweight movements and do max effort (in that minute) then a quick run/ jog/ walk around the block. The same test will be repeated in the final week of the challenge.

*Select any 3 group fitness sessions off our timetable per week

*Attend our Nutrition workshop and learn the benefits of adding protein into your diet and some easy ways to hit that target.

*Choose 1 Fitness goal to focus on:

Strength (a particular lift ie Deadlift, Clean, Squat),

Cardio (Run/ walk time)

*Choose 1 Wellness goal to focus on:

Improve flexibility, Nutrition, Read more, Meditate, Journal..


To hold you accountable this will be a points-based Challenge. You will earn points for participating in wellness tasks and attending classes.

*Outdoor walks/ runs to complete (ie: Parihaka, The Loop)

*Weekly lifestyle and wellness tips to help keep you motivated!

*Extraordinary Singlet & Journal Included

*7 weeks of Invigorating your life, All for only $289

If you are completely new to fitness and worried about not being fit enough, have no fear!

Trust us when we say, we have been there too. It's easy to sign up, the hardest part is having the courage to turn up! Once you get started you will feel amazing and realize that all the ladies working beside you felt exactly the same until they got started.

This is your chance to prioritize your goals, learn something new and Invigorate your life!

Check out our timetable

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