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extraordinary you

what should I expect?

At extraordinary studio we want you to feel like you have come to your happy place, our goal is to deliver Confidence no matter which side you are coming to (Skin or Body) We strive to make everyone feel a part of our Tribe. We don't care what your turn up in or how fit (or unfit) you are- we just want you to leave with a big smile!

We cater to all ages, genders and fitness levels. The hardest part is choosing which awesome session you want to try first, the rest is easy and we promise you will have fun! 

Our advice for newbies to fitness is bring a friend along with you to try a class, no need to book just turn up 10mins before the session starts and we will walk you through what to expect. Be sure to bring a drink bottle and hand towel, it does get pretty stuffy in there! If you are bringing your kiddies pack some snacks and entertainment to buy you that hour ( Please note there is no childcare available, you are responsible for your child's safety while in the facility and must abide by our rules and legal requirements)

Our Squad is a tight knit supportive group, that have overcome many personal challenges and continue to strive pushing themselves towards better health and wellness. Have a browse through our sessions timetable below to select a training style that suits you, and if you are super game hit the sign up now button to become a full fledged member!

Step 1

Check out our timetable and choose which epic session you would like to join 

Step 2

Sign up for a Membership or Concession Card

Step 3

Download Gym Master app, Book your session and show up!

our sessions

circuit style classes in Kamo, Whangarei
womens small group fitness studio, whangarei
group fitness classes in Kamo Whangarei
teen fitness classes in Kamo Whangarei


Sweat Factor: 9/10

Our HIIT classes are fun and fast, no two workouts are ever the same! A mash up of Tabata, AMRAP, countdown or circuit, we make sure each workout is lightweight and gets the cardio up.


Sweat Factor: 9/10

Our BoxFit sessions are a great cardio session with just the right amount of technique and cardio, you are guaranteed to feel empowered and sweaty after each session!

Strength Tech

Sweat Factor 6/10

Strength tech is a smaller class focusing on complex movements such as Cleans, Deadlifts, and accessory work to aid your strength journey.


Sweat Factor: 7/10

Our Strength sessions are strength and progression-focused. The pace is slower so you can focus on strength, form and Power. This can be more suitable for beginners.

Team Day

Sweat Factor: 8/10

Team Day is our favourite way to end the week, the workouts are fun, light-hearted competitive and a way to share the load of a workout to end the week on a high! 

Great for beginners!

Teen Boxing

Sweat Factor: 8/10

Beginner-friendly, fun-orientated sessions to help inspire and empower our young teens. 

Suitable for ages 12-17.

$10 per session

$50 5 session concession card

or $19 per week on Student Membership

nice words

Raor Fitness is such a supportive & encouraging environment. The trainers are such awesome ladies who have motivated me & pushed me to my limits & beyond, i have had some great results!! This is a place for everybody all shapes, all sizes, all ages!! 20 million stars from me!!

The group classes are attractive to me, as I feel like I can push myself harder in a group of similar-minded people. The constant unwavering support and encouragement. The details they notice with my confidence strength gains and improvements have helped my confidence. They know how to push you to achieve your goals in a zero-judgment environment.
Just start! Your mental health will thank you and be the best it's ever been. You will be a better mother for it.

I love being a part of this crew, everyone is really nice and welcoming. I started my journey a few years ago and thought strength wasn't my thing but now I would say I am addicted!
I love the mix-up of different classes so you are using all parts of your body. Highly reccomend!

-Tiechar H

-Carla M

-Kate M

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