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Has Winter got you both stuck in a funk? Eating lots of yummy hot food and racing home to snuggle up and watch Netflix! Are you wanting to spice things up and CHALLENGE yourselves? Does one or BOTH of you need to find your MOJO again? 

Whether you are complete beginners or active fitness bunnies we have got you sorted! 

Welcome to the 6 week Couples Challenge, get in quick there we only 16 (8 Couples) awesome spaces available!


"Not a couple?" No worries! Anything that brings 2 people together for the love of fitness is to be celebrated! Split the cost and Join us anyway!

6 weeks of Awesome!

Challenge will kick off at  8AM saturday 10th August with our NEW Raor Fitness Test-  Each test takes less than 5 minutes each and will be completed separately then your times added together.

Message us to book your test times 


"A TEST?!"

 There will be scaled versions for newbies so no need to panic - We will be counting the reps of each exercise per minute (We only have 3 exercises for you to complete)

Don't leave the Squad hanging already!

Then you will both join our KAMO RAOR SQUAD and enjoy 3 of our awesome fitness sessions each per week, which will give you the perfect taster of the Raor Lifestyle and Squad Life!


Can't Train together?

No problem! We know life is busy and can be hard to juggle- You can both come to different session days & times, what ever works in with your lifestyle!


Be prepared for weekly Challenges from food & lifestyle to group meets to walk our favorite natural playground Mt Parihaka & The Loop! Surround yourself with other like minded, motivated people that inspire you to be the BEST version of yourselves.

Re-testing will be done at 8am saturday 21st Sept

What's Included?

*You will smash 3 Raor sessions per week each

*1x 30 min Personal Training session together with Meg 

* Weekly Challenges & Support in our online Group

*10% off Raor Beauty Treatments at our Kamo Studio

What do I need? 

*Bring your own boxing gloves


*Drink Bottle

*Active wear

*And a CAN DO attitude hahaha!


Only $349 Up front or

$120 deposit 5 x $48 per week!

Kick Off: 8.00am Sat 10th Aug - 8.00am Sat 21st Sept


Location: Raor Beauty & Fitness Studio

426 Kamo Rd, Kamo

For More Info Contact RAOR Studio 09-94643154