So you missed our last challenge and now you're kicking yourself aye. No point sitting around moping girl, It's time to get your sh*t together before Summer!

We already know what a Bad Ass you are, You LOVE a Challenge! You THRIVE off competition! You just got a bit lazy over Winter and looking to us for that kick up the ass you know you need. So let's shake up those fitness levels and Challenge you!

Welcome to the 6 week Bad Ass B*tches Challenge!

Challenge will kick off at  8am  Saturday 19th Oct  with our classic Raor    Fitness Test-  Each test takes less than 5 minutes which will be completed by yourself- so you are only competing against yourself!

 There will be scaled versions for newbies so don't b*tch out and leave the Squad hanging already!

You will be assigned a team so be prepared for some mini challenges which can be completed at home and change up each week. 

The Best Part?

Make the most of 3 Raor Sessions over 6 weeks that will give you the perfect taster of the Raor Lifestyle and Squad Life. Surround yourself with other like minded, motivated women that inspire you to be the BEST version of yourself. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an active fitness bunny we have got you sorted!

 Get in quick there we only 16 spaces available!

do this for you!


Do you suck at the eating side of things?

We have you sorted with 6 weeks of Breakfast, Snacks & Lunches to keep you fueled and focused! Delivered fresh each week and plenty of options to keep variety read more here


Re-testing will be done at 8am  Saturday 30th November

What's Included?

*You will smash 3 Raor sessions per week

* Weekly Chores! haha

*Assigned a team & Support in our private online Group

*10% off Raor Beauty Treatments at our Kamo Studio

What do I need? 

*Bring your own boxing gloves


*Drink Bottle

*Active wear

*And a CAN DO attitude hahaha!



Bad Ass Option:

Fitness & Support for 6 weeks

Only $199 Up front or

Part Pay: $60 deposit 6 x $26 per week!

Hit the button below to sign up



Queen B*tch Option:

Fitness & Food for 6 weeks!

Up Front: $679 or

Part Pay: $250 deposit 6x $73 per week!

Hit the button below to sign up

Kick Off: 8.00am Sat 19th Oct- 8.00am Sat 30th November


Location: Raor Beauty & Fitness Studio

426 Kamo Rd, Kamo

For More Info Contact RAOR Studio 09-94643154

Choose Any 3 Sessions off our Timetable


Need help with your eating?


Whether you're busy, lazy, or just lacking motivation to prepare a decent meal we have you covered!


Take the stress away so you can focus on YOU. Choose from a variety of salad meals delivered fresh to you each week for 6 weeks:

*Orders must be placed by 5pm Friday the week before, pick up from Studio on Monday.


Packages includes:


Eco Friendly Option

2x Bulk 1kg Salad Options (Can use for dinners as well)

5x Muesli / Bircher Breakfasts,

5x Vege Snack 

2x Reusable Containers

Only $499 or $100 dep 6 payments of $67 per week



Convenience Option

5x Pre- packaged Layered Salads (more salad options) 

5x Muesli / Bircher Breakfasts

5x Vege Snacks

Only $499 or $100 Dep 6 payments of $67 per week

*Salads have a shelf life of up to 8 days, we can deliver on Monday for the week ahead or do an order part way through the week. 


*Various options available to keep variety in your diet.

GF, Vegetarian, Nut Free Options available.

*Orders must be placed by 5pm Friday the week before, pick up from Studio on Monday.